Columbia River Gallery – website design/revamp and on-page SEO

Owner Donna Erwin, an award-winning framing artist, came to me with a problem. She was considering shutting down her framing shop after over a decade since it opened for lack of profit and little hope of turning it around. The Gallery had recently relocated to a harder to find location, and the business was suffering from a lack of visibility and customers. She had been running her custom framing shop for over a decade with great success, even winning numerous awards over the years for her beautiful and unique custom framing. The shop doubles as a quaint art gallery, featuring dozens of local artists from around the Pacific Northwest, as well as some international artists.

She also is the lead organizer for the Troutdale art walk, which had steadily gained popularity with the locals and tourists alike. Even so, it seemed that the low visibility of her shop, both online and offline, was taking a huge toll on the business. Her existing website did not showcase her offerings well, and did not have a modern feel. We tackled both the website design as well as the Search Engine Optimization so the website would provide a clean modern, welcoming feel, and web users would find it! We also revamped the branding a bit to give a more fresh, modern appearance.

It was a pleasure to work with Donna throughout the process. We collaborated on the overall vision and she provided tons of amazing photos of her work to feature. We also hired a professional photographer to photograph the gallery itself and Donna working her magic with clients.

Once the design was complete, I set out to optimize the searchability – the final and equally important step. It didn’t take long, and Donna started so see an increase in phone inquiries as well as the traffic to her store. Soon, her sales were ramping up, and she could hardly keep up with the framing orders! Not only that, people were regularly commenting on how beautiful the website was and how it really drew them in.

Donna continues to see a steady increase in the visitors to the store, and continues to receive compliments on the website. She deserves every bit of the renewed success!

Check it out for yourself!