Covid-19 has shown us all a new face of the world. A world that is very fragile and unpredictable. Businesses all over the world have been badly affected but many businesses like Facebook have seen a drastic rise. Why? Because they move ahead of the curve. Whether your company organizes steam camps or music events every filed has experienced a serious blow. From education to entertainment and even fashion has seen a steep rise and fall because of Covid. 

Keeping your business alive and kicking in the current pandemic is thus nerve-wracking but with the necessary precautions and strategies, you can actually perform better than before so in this article, we will take you through some logo and branding trends that you can use to keep your brand relevant. 

Logo trends to follow in 2021-22

A brand logo creates a presence that makes a brand worth noticing so it’s important that your logo adapts to different platforms to match customer requirements. You can use a one-tone logo as a watermark, a simple logo for Instagram, and one special logo for your website. About making a logo here are some ideas that will help you design that perfect logo that brings traffic. 

  1. Kooky characters

A real-life object can be used as a symbolic representation but fictional and out-of-this-world fantasy characters can make a logo unique and mesmerizing. Take the example of the logo “Catman Boogie” a media, music, and event management company. The logo depicts a cat in a black and neon blue color which looks cool and witty. 

Another great example comes from a brand called “Donut Dilemma” which shows a donut character acting like Romeo with a smaller donut in its hands. Such logos are very appealing to the viewer as they indicate feelings instead of real-life objects. 

  1. Cool fonts 

For boring logos which are only text-based, reinvention can be lifesaving.  If you create a new font in the right color it will build emphasis on your brand name. Style the font and place words in attractive arrangements like the brand “TWEAG” and “hyper” did in their logo. It keeps things easy and simple but still worth watching. 

You can also use disappearing letters in the logo to present a riddle to the customer. This step can be tricky but it can be very eye-catching if done the right way. 

  1. Analogous colors 

Analogous colors are similar colors that lie close to each other on the color ramp. Like shades of blue are all similar to each other and lie very close on the color ramp. This style is not new but is gaining popularity again as analogous colors appear simpler and aesthetically pleasing. Take the logo of the brand “THE BUBBLEGUM TREE COMPANY”. 

The logo consists of a monkey on a tree with a bubblegum in his mouth. The text and the image are beautifully placed in purple, pink and blue. The color transition is so uniform that it looks soothing to the eye. 

  1. Perspective drawing 

Have you gone through an experience where a logo or a print seemed too tacky? Well, hard work does matter but keeping characters in order is also important. Sometimes less is actually more! That is where perspective drawings come in. 

Among logo trends, we believe that simple and minimalist trends play an important role. Simple designs are not only easy to understand but also convey the message of the intended brand better. With this growing trend, designers should focus more on perspective angles, foreshortening, and curvatures. 

Simple figures do hold the power to be emphatic without being too over the top.  “METAPHYSICS” and “BLUE CUBE” are examples of simple yet impactful brand logos. 

Branding trends 

After developing the ideal logo you can follow these branding tips to grow your company. 

  1. Use nostalgia

Change is great but the past has its own glory. Bringing past memories to the customers can be refreshing and actually good for your brand. Products that bring old memories can also bring interest considering that the pandemic has been very harsh on all of us. 

Take the example of Facebook which shows users old memories that bring in shares and likes. A 2017 Nielsen study also revealed that while advertising your brand, the use of emotions can give great results. 

  1. Be purposeful

The pandemic has brought many realizations and for businesses being relevant and useful has thus become all the more important.  Many businesses reported a decline in sales as they were no longer that important to people. 

You must have observed how stores near your home were closed for months leading to many losing their jobs. That brings us to the fact that having your business online and staying connected to your customers through all possible means is very vital. 

  1. Standing with the community

While it’s a great initiative to respond to Covid most productively it’s actually good for your brand too. Companies making shopping safe like the contact-less delivery services offered by many fast-food chains are a great way to let the community know that you are with them in times of crisis. 


In this article, we went through logo and branding tips that can greatly uplift your company. The logo is very important as it represents your vision. Kooky characters, cool font, analogous colors and perspective drawings used while designing your logo can be captivating for the viewer. 

Your logo is a great way to promote your brand. On top of that staying purposeful, using human emotions in the right way and keeping Covid SOP’s in mind can help you build trust with the consumers that might otherwise completely ignore your company. 

Covid-19 has been rough but with wise decisions, it can actually bring opportunities to a business that doesn’t give up. 

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