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Don’t let your website get lost in the shuffle.
​With DDNW Managed SEO plan, you get an advanced SEO strategy to MAXIMIZE your rankings and traffic in a strategic way. It involves 2 major components:

​1) Maximizing current rankings with the “Easy Wins Method”:

With DDNW Managed SEO, we identify terms that you’re already ranking for in positions 4-30 and push those terms up with a diversified, safe, white hat link building strategy to get you quick increases in traffic.

​2) Advanced Competitive Research:

We use advanced competitive research (Competitive Gap Analysis) to find what you’re missing: High volume, low competition, valuable keywords. Then we build out awesome, well-researched content with our Blogger service to target these mid-cycle buyer keywords!

​By combining both of these strategies we are able to achieve awesome boosts in targeted traffic.
PACKAGES: $750/month, $1250/month, $2750/month

Guest Posts: Get High Quality Guest Post Links

Get high-quality, white-hat guest post links on authority sites to boost your rankings! Choose from packages based on Domain Authority or Traffic level.​

DDNW Guest Post is the easiest way to get high quality, natural, white-hat in-content links to your site to help you boost your rankings and get more traffic to your site.​

With DDNW Guest Post, we will do manual outreach to high quality sites, secure a guest posting spot, craft a unique article with your links and place it on the site with links back to your website.

These are the enterprise-level types of links that most people can’t get. The publications will add tremendous power to your backlink profile, and many can become a traffic source in themselves

PACKAGES: $300/month, $550/month, $750/month

PPC Management + Set Up Fee Waived ($250 Value!)

Get 25% off your first month plus enjoy a waived setup fee! It’s the stress-free way to get high quality leads on autopilot. New orders are eligible for the discount, existing customers are eligible if they upgrade plans.

Proper campaign optimization is a crucial key to success. That’s why we use our multi-step, strategic laser target process on every single campaign to deliver maximum ROI.

1. Campaign Design & Pre-Optimization

We expertly design your campaigns and use our unique pre-optimization process to launch ahead of the curve. This smart strategy saves you money right out of the gate.

2. Search Term Optimization

In our second phase of optimization, we continue to refine campaigns and ensure that we’re only advertising on qualified traffic.

3. Traffic Sculpting

As we get more data, we break out adgroups and lazer target prospects. This not only increases CTR (click through rate) but lowers CPC (cost per click).

4. Performance Optimization

After we get enough clicks and time, we can tell what keywords prove out and what to cut. We optimize campaign performance.

5. Scale

As we find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We keep rotating ad copy until the new contender beats the winner, which means your ads are getting better all the time. This allows you to scale your campaigns at the highest ROI.

PACKAGES: $750/month, $1250/month, $1750/month, $2250/month, $2750/month, 3250/month +

Blogger Blog Content (Including Blogger Pro Expert Content!)

Get high-quality blog content so you can attract and convert your target audience. This blog content service includes topic ideation, professional writers, and unlimited edits.​

As a business owner you are busy. That’s why we don’t just write the content for you, we can also post the article directly to your blog for no additional fee, as long as you use WordPress.​

Select the option when ordering, provide us your login credentials, and we’ll go into your site to add the new content. Not only will we upload the post, we’ll also format it to make sure it looks good and we’ll even add a photo to it!​

If you’d prefer a semi-hands off approach, we can always upload the article as a draft, giving you an opportunity to check before going live.

PACKAGES Start at: $450/month for 3 posts

Foundations Standard Link Building Packages

Get in-content links from custom made mini-authority properties. Great for building foundational links to your site. Enjoy 25% off regular Standard packages.​

We create mini-authority properties on powerful blogging platforms that link back to your site. You have complete control over your anchor text, and you’ll even get the logins to these properties. This allows you to have complete control over your links!

PACKAGES Start at: $150/month for 3 URLs/2 Anchors per URL

Foundations Premium Link Building Packages

We’re sweetening the pot on this one! Upgrade your Foundation package to our premium level and take advantage of buy one get one free Foundation link building packages.

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