Fully Optimize Your PageSpeed

Guaranteed 3 second loading time PageSpeed optimization

What is HOTH Speed?

HOTH Speed is an essential pairing with any SEO campaign. Over time, it’s easy to bog down your site’s loading time with images, widgets, dense code, and more.

Pagespeed is becoming a ranking factor and it’s important to optimize your site to load quickly.

With HOTH Speed, we’ll fix all of the issues slowing down your site. In fact, we guarantee we’ll get your site loading in 3 seconds or less.

Want to check your current speed? You can use GTMetrix here!

Life In The Fast Lane

Here’s how we fix all of the issues to get your site loading in 3 seconds or less:

Resolve Render Blocking CSS Scripts

We remove any unnecessary CSS code that may be delaying loading time.

Implement Browser Caching

With caching, browsers will save parts of webpages so all content doesn’t have to load every time.

Image Compression

With our in-house developed tool, we compress image sizes without reducing image quality.

Lazy Load

This in-house developed tool will optimize all the bulky, but necessary widgets and third-party applications on your site.

Script Prioritization

We make sure all your scripts inside Google analytics are firing in the best order.

How It Works

Step 1
Input Information

Just purchase HOTH Speed and provide us with your URL and some basic information about your site.

Step 4
Speed Optimization

We perform multiple optimizations, reducing your page speed to less than 3 seconds, guaranteed.

Step 2
Site Backup

Before we begin any work, we create a backup of your website.


Step 5
Customer Approval

Before we push the changes live, you get to review the enhancements we made.

Step 3
Staging Creation

We create a subfolder on your site where we can test our optimizations. This way we won’t affect anything on your site.

Step 6
Merge To Live

After your approval, we merge our changes to your existing, live website.

Packages & Pricing

Have Any Questions?

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No time for a call? No problem! Send us any questions you might have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!


What is not included in HOTH Speed?
We will not be able to fix UI/UX corrections (sliders, layout, etc.), plugin customizations, custom plugins developed by your in-house team, or custom developed websites apart from WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart.

What order inputs are required?

  • CPanel / Hosting Login
  • FTP Login
  • CMS Login (Required)
  • CDN

Does HOTH Speed guarantee 3 seconds or less on desktop and mobile?
Yes. We use GTMetrix to verify. The connection is assumed to be broadband/3G.

Will HOTH Speed optimizations reflect on Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool?
Yes, you will see improvements in Google Pagespeed Insights as well.

Can you optimize Squarespace or Wix sites?
No, unfortunately, we can’t provide HOTH Speed on Squarespace or Wix sites because of limited access to core files.

Do you ensure functionality with modification of CSS and JS?
We will ensure all the functionality is working in the staging environment, and you will have the opportunity to verify before we push live.

How can I add a user to Cloudflare?
Here are the instructions.

Read Our Reviews

Dynamic Designs NW, LLC is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 6 review(s).


- Kody


For anyone with a small business trying to grow their email list, I would recommend Stacie! We started out without any knowledge of how to increase our fanbase. Stacie helped us grow our list to over 400 subscribers using Facebook ads! She is super smart and has a great team that she works with. I am so grateful that I found her and I would recommend her services.

- Jo Alexis


Stacie was very creative and a patient person to work with which I feel is so important to have when working on a very detailed project/website.

- Abbi Rafinski


I spent a lot of money trying to work with other web designers. I know I was asking a lot of them. I shared my crazy business plan and vision with them, and all I got in return was a spot on their permanent back burner. It was like flashback to high school and feelings of getting benched to make room for the 'real stars.' Then I met Stacie. She met with me in person, listened to all my crazy ideas, put those crazy ideas into action (so I could see them), and exercised a lot of patience when we had to toss a draft and start again. Now, over a year later, my business is not only up and running...it's rocking (bling, bling)! And Stacie is on the short list of people who helped me make that happen. I can't count how many times my customers smile when we meet and say, 'I love your website...it's so original.'

- Jake Wasson


Loved working with Stacie! She communicates well and response very quickly, seemingly always ready to assist. She has wonderfully creative ideas and a great eye for design, I’m looking for ways that I can continue to work with her. Highly recommend

- Samantha Irwin


I love working with Stacie! She is charming and a whiz a website building. I feel confident that she can tackle whatever changes I want to make and she makes it all look easy. I've also really enjoyed her network of professionals that she both works with and referred me to. I would recommend her.

- Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishaga

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