Translating one business owner’s inspiration into an online presence.

The Story

Jamie has always been deeply empathic, intuitive, and compassionate by nature. Succumb to physical ailments caused by Lyme disease, PTSD, and chronic fatigue, Jamie was determined to find a way to heal herself and turn her life around. When she found healing modalities that alleviated the symptoms she was experiencing, she was determined to share her healing gifts with others who were going through similar struggles. 

This is how Harmonic Holistics was born. A service-based company created to empower individuals to take charge of their health, Harmonic Holistics has its roots in living kindly, consciously, and holistically amid a stressful world. Jamie provides a wide range of healing services, including sound baths, reiki, breathwork, and mindfulness meditation to help others live their healthiest life possible. This life-altering work has allowed Jamie to provide others with chronic illnesses a new perception of health and freedom.

The Obstacle

When Jamie came to me, she was clear on who she was and what she had to offer. However, as her business began to grow, so did her client base and the need for focused branding materials that catered to her niche. The obstacle facing Harmonic Holistics was translating Jamie’s vision and brand identity onto her website and other digital materials. 

Jamie started Harmonic Holsitics on a simple Squarespace site with the help of some friends and quickly ran into technical limitations. The website and her online presence simply did not reflect who she was or the offerings she was bringing to the world. She had a strong brand identity, a great business plan, and a solid competitive advantage. What she needed was the technical help to translate her vision into an online presence. 

Jamie and I connected because I was familiar with the health and wellness space, and could translate the lingo she provided me with into a fully functional website. Furthermore, she connected with my can-do energy, “Stacie never told me I couldn’t do anything,” Jamie says, “Instead, she directed me to a reasonable solution that was in line with my goals and worked from a technical capacity.”

The Solution

Our solution was to translate Jamie’s vision into a reality! After getting to know Jamie, her style, and her intentions behind Harmonic Holistics, we got to work.  Dynamic Designs Solutions conducted a web design project that positioned Jamie as the professional healer she is and created a webpage that reflected the goals of her company. We also completed a brand strategy package that allowed Jamie to develop intentional typography, color palette, inspirational imagery, patterns, textures, and digital assets that reflected what Harmonic Holistics represented at its core.

Jamie had an initial logo created, but we determined that with the newly developed niche, we would develop a new logo that most accurately reflected the company. Along with a logo, we created a new name for the practice that encompassed who she served and the services provided more authentically. 

Finally, Dynamic Designs hosted a  photography consultation with Jamie and her photographer to ensure product photography was cohesive with the brand identity that had been established. This consultation and the development of brand guidelines allowed Jamie to have set criteria to look back on to ensure her visual brand was easy to recognize and consistent. 

The Results

Thirty days after launching the new website, Jamie brought in 380 visitors to her site. These are phenomenal results for someone who previously struggled to bring in traffic! Perhaps most importantly, Harmonic Holistics now represents Jamie’s vision. When individuals view this company’s digital assets, they can glimpse into her heart, her passions, and the skills that allow her to be a successful business owner and healer. 

“I want everyone to know that holistic modalities for healing don’t only serve those who are struggling, but can be used as a preventative measure, as well,” Jamie says. “Mental and emotional upkeep is important, and the new website allows me to connect with those that need access to the healing I am able to provide.” 

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To learn more about Jamie and the work she is doing, you can check out her Instagram here. If you are interested in how Dynamic Designs Solutions may be able to help translate your vision into a reality, reach out! I look forward to connecting with you, and your business, soon.

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I spent a lot of money trying to work with other web designers. I know I was asking a lot of them. I shared my crazy business plan and vision with them, and all I got in return was a spot on their permanent back burner. It was like flashback to high school and feelings of getting benched to make room for the 'real stars.' Then I met Stacie. She met with me in person, listened to all my crazy ideas, put those crazy ideas into action (so I could see them), and exercised a lot of patience when we had to toss a draft and start again. Now, over a year later, my business is not only up and's rocking (bling, bling)! And Stacie is on the short list of people who helped me make that happen. I can't count how many times my customers smile when we meet and say, 'I love your's so original.'

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