A small biz brand revamp & website launch.

The Story

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “continual improvement,” and it is no coincidence that Samantha Irwin’s coaching business uses the word as a premise for their strategy. Kaizen is Samantha’s brainchild: a consulting business that helps small to medium-sized companies with strategic planning and execution. However, Samantha wasn’t always a small business consultant. And that is where the art of kaizen comes into play.

Samantha started as a middle school teacher. Even during her 13-year tenure as an educator, she loved having her hands in one business venture or another. Then, Samantha decided to shift her career and purchased a historic hotel in small-town America. The hotel was built in 1907 and was a real “fixer-upper’.’  It was during this endeavor where she learned to grow a business, retain clients, and create a thriving market.

In the interest of continual improvement, Samantha shifted gears once again after the big purchase. She sold the renovated hotel and created Kaizen Zone, playing on the specific skills of her diverse experience. Using her experience as an educator, along with experience scaling a business and recruiting a team, Samantha was well equipped to be a consultant for those who were looking to grow their business, as well.

The Challenge

The challenge in this roller coaster ride of developing a new consulting company? Launching a website and consistent branding for an entirely new business entity. Samantha had a rough idea of what she wanted for the Kaizen Zone website but soon learned that she would need a solid foundation of brand voice and aesthetic appeal in order to get this new company up and running.

She was not a teacher any longer, nor was she in the hotel business where corporate pricing was a viable solution. She needed to find a web designer and branding expert that served the solopreneur. When Samantha found Dynamic Designs Solutions with a quick Google search, she found a company that caters to entrepreneurs like herself. Just like that, she had a solution to assist her in the growth of her newest, (and truest,) endeavor. 

The Solution

Together, Samantha and Dynamic Design Solutions were able to redesign the website for Kaizen Zone in a way that was authentic to this growing brand. Along with this, we were able to create branding materials that reflected the tone and attitude of a company that prioritizes growth and strategy with a hint of playfulness for small and medium-sized businesses. Canva designs and workshop flyers were an additional asset that helped get Kaizen Zone’s style solidified and prepared to reach her market.

“It’s like a haircut,” Samantha says in regards to creating a new branding strategy, “You need to update it and maintain it so it is relevant for the times.” And this is the entire premise of kaizen – encouraging continual improvement not only in your business story but your life story, as well. 

The Results

The updated Kaizen Zone website successfully represents the brand that Samantha has spent years creating by aligning experience and passion. The design improvements have also brought the right type of people to her site: fellow small business owners looking for growth strategies while keeping their mission front and center.

“Business is fun,” Samantha says, “It does not have to be dry. Growth and employee engagement can be fun, too. People who work with Kaizen Zone or come to my website will realize that…. Continual improvement of your business is a fun process.”

You can learn more about Kaizen Zone and Samantha’s coaching practices on her YouTube channel. If you are interested in connecting with Dynamic Design Solutions to help you improve your website or branding materials, reach out. Together, we can make your design dreams a reality.