The Feng Shui of Web Design: A Website Fit for an Interior Designer

The Story

For interior designer Sharon Hocking, the look and feel of a room are everything. She knows the importance of creating a space that is authentic, yet functional. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how critical it is to feel good when you arrive in that space, whether that space is a room in your house or the landing page of your website.

Sharon wasn’t always an interior designer. In fact, before she started Sharon Hocking Interior Designs, she was a graphic designer. But when the shift towards her interior design business took off, Sharon knew it was time to create a space for her new business that encompassed the personality and purpose of her new business. An artist at heart, the average web designer wasn’t going to cut it when it came to creating the new website. Sharon needed someone who understood the value of visual appeal and functionality online, just like she understood it in the interior design world.

The Obstacle

Sharon called many website designers to help her create the new interior design website, but none had seemed to perfectly align with her business goals. “It takes a community to run a successful interior design business,” Sharon has shared with me, “I have other vendors: contractors, lighting specialists, and more,  all working together. I needed a web designer that was able to get on board with my eye for design because all aspects of my business work together.” 

Sharon came across Dynamic Design Solutions after doing a Google search for web designers in the Portland area and was pleased when I recommended we connect in person. For Sharon, it was important to have a face-to-face connection so she could effectively describe her design goals. As we discussed her vision for the website and the purpose it played in her growing business, I was certain I could create a site that was not only visually appealing but was able to provide her with online capabilities to take Sharon Hocking Interior Design to the next level.

The Solution

Together, Sharon and I were able to complete a website redesign that fully encompassed her vision. Once the website was up and running, Sharon and I continued to work together in order to maximize on-site SEO, and over the years, we have worked together to ensure the website is current through Dynamic Design Solutions’ website maintenance service. 

I love Sharon’s continual comparison between interior and web design. She is correct when she acknowledges, “Good design takes time and planning. You may need to rearrange and repurpose things until it is exactly where you want it for that season of life.”

Together, we are able to keep Sharon’s website fresh and up to date. Recently, we added a feature to automatically set up a discovery call with Sharon with just the click of a button. The pandemic was a particularly hectic time for interior designers, and the addition of the automated scheduler was crucial for the busy season in Sharon’s business life.

The Results

With the technical aspect of website maintenance off of her hands, Sharon has had the opportunity to dive into the world of remodeling and working on bigger, longer-term projects. And the true measure of success for a design-minded individual for Sharon? She is proud to send people to her website because she knows it is an accurate representation of who she is and the types of services she is able to provide to others.

Life is not stagnant and a website should not be either. In the four years since Sharon and I have worked together, we have watched each other grow and evolve our businesses. A lot can happen in four years of business, and providing tools and updates that help make a website continually relevant, authentic, and functional, is one of the reasons I love doing what I do!

To see more of Sharon’s gorgeous designs, check out her Instagram. Or, if you are ready to create a website that matches your unique style, let’s talk. I would love to learn how I can help bring your vision to life.